Unlike the more polished and crowded beach strip of Boracay, Ilocos Norte’s Pagudpud offers the more tranquil traveler a more rustic taste of Philippine waters. The northern-most stretch of Saud beach has sand as fine and white as those found in the beaches of Boracay.

Pagudpud, however, is a rougher experience compared to Boracay. You won’t find long bar strips close to the sea. You won’t be offered a variety of five-star-hotels, either. The biggest, most expensive beach resort in the area is the Saud Beach Resort which enjoys the prime spot in Pagudpud’s long white-sanded stretch.

Farther south, the accommodations consist of three to two-star rooms and chateaus. You can choose to stay in the beach chateaus of the town of Bauang. The sand there, though, is a bit courser compared to Saud Beach’s, probably owing to the visible caves and rock formations close to the bay.

Pagudpud opens to the South China Sea, which is probably responsible for the beach’s bigger waves. The waters of Boracay, on the other hand, are a lot less volatile. Locals and foreigners alike come here to enjoy the lighthouses and the quiet, romantic ambiance.

You don’t need much money when you go to Pagudpud. The market places are a short drive away from the beach. You can choose to buy fish and vegetables, and the locals would be willing to cook them for you.

Most chateaus also come with full-sized kitchens. You can cook your dishes yourself. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, you can look into the hotel buffets being offered at Saud Beach Resort.

One commentor said that: "Pagudpud is indeed blessed with beauty by nature. If you drive further north going to the boundery of Cagayan and Ilocos Norte, undoubtedly, you will be captivated by the stunning beauty of the beaches of Blue Lagoon and Panzian. Saud Beach got its own unique beauty from these two other places which is hard to decide which one is more pleasing to the eyes. If only the government have all the funds to develop the area by constructing a road along the beach from Saud to Blue Lagoon, I bet you lots of foreigners would fluctuate and invade Pagudpud. The local government should initiate that project like the 17 miles drive of Monterey, California. Compared against the island of Bali in Indonesia where a road was built around the island, lots of foreigners are going there. Tourists are just walking around the island because they do not want to hire a car. They prefer walking for the sake of excercise no matter how many miles. They just want to enjoy the beauty by nature and breath fresh air."

"Pagudpud (PAH GOOD POOD) is an enormous place to visit if you're looking for the comparatively perfect charms of the Philippines. Pagudpud is a wide and beautiful town on the northwest tip of Ilocos Norte, Luzon, bounded to the south by the town of Bangui and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range, the town of Adams and the province of Cagayan. The South China Sea lies to the west and north.

pure white sands

It is considered the largest island in the Philippines. The hills and mountains are luxuriant, the valleys productive. It lies 45 miles north of Laoag City, the provincial capital, and about 350 miles north of Manila -- about the equal distance between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Creeks, streams and waterfalls splash the landscape and spill into the South China Sea. All around, the ocean and sky are awash in varying shades of blue.

sea view of the island

Pagudpud Beach, 2 hours north of Laoag City, has powder-white sand, but it's hard to tell which is bluer: the sky or the sea. While you are making up your mind, you might also consider a stop in Pasuquin, where the famous biscocho (Ilocos biscuit) is a favorite take-home delicacy for local visitors. But don't forget to check your watch, for while you play in the waters of Pagudpud, you may not notice how much time you have spent on these delightful shores, which are at the very tip of Luzon Island.

amazing beach at pagudpud

Inexpensive resorts are located along the shores of Pagudpud. They normally charge a fixed fee about US$5.00 for a nipa hut where you can hide under the hot sun. But for those who want to relax in more luxurious surroundings, the spacious Saud Resort beckons. Even then, rooms go for about US$35-40 a night. Saud Resort is the most secure of the resorts, with 24-hour security manning the entrance. But it doesn’t mean that the place is dangerous. On the contrary, Pagudpud, as elsewhere in Ilocos, is very safe, and the people are friendly and hospitable.

nice view of pagudpud island

Tagalog (renamed Pilipino) is the language you'll hear most often, but don't be afraid - a lot of Filipinos speak English, even if some can be a bit shy. The more-educated and more-traveled people aren't shy at all and will be more than able to amaze you with their English.

While Manila is a wonderful place to spend a day or two, you'll soon most likely want to get away from it all. Pagudpud is an excellent place to go. It's clean and green and apparently in a different world. In fact, Pagudpud is the farthest geographical point from Manila without leaving the island of Luzon. This has its advantages.

A struggling economy means a good exchange rate for most tourists. Of course, that means Filipinos already struggling to make a living have to struggle even more. So go easy on the bargain with street vendors. And, though it's not always expected, leave your waiter a tip.

It's always wise to check ahead to make sure there's room for you at one of the resorts. While increasingly popular, you shouldn't have a problem finding accommodations in Saud -- unless you plan on visiting during Holy Week in April, when the entire country seems to take a holiday. Rates vary widely. Some resorts are more plush than others, but all are excellent. Check with resort proprietors for room availability and prices.

blue beach with white sands

A common practice of local visitors is to stop by the wet market for fresh (as in live) seafood, and to have them grilled over charcoal on the beach, and served with plain rice for a very affordable price. For those on a budget, you don't need to worry, because you may be pleasurably surprised to know that a whole day in Pagudpud won't cost a family of 5 more than US$30.00, including lunch (except if you really intend to visit Saud Resort)!

Government and People

Pagudpud was decreed a municipality on Feb. 5, 1954. Unlike Laoag, Ilocos Norte's only independent city, Pagudpud gets its authority from the provincial government. It had previously been a part of the neighboring town of Banguio. More than 17,200 people live in Pagudpud. They exist across 16 barangays -- town districts -- that spread over Pagudpud's 83 square miles.Most make their living through farming, fishing and survival retailing. Tourism is a growing part of the economy.

How To Get There

There are some choices, some more convenient than others.

To get to Pagudpud, first get yourself to the Philippines. You'll arrive in Manila, one of the world's biggest cities. It's an awesome place that is choked with traffic, people and life. There are skyscrapers, malls, parks and attractions in large numbers. Accommodations in Manila run the range, from the deluxe to the seedy. The Makati district has some of the city's finest hotels. Many, including the most high-class, offer excessive discounts to balikbayans and the cheapest rates to local residents.


Flight schedules to and from Laoag, the provincial capital of Ilocos Norte, are difficult to come by. Things keep changing. Philippine Airlines used to have connecting flights to and from Manila. Air Philippines used to fly there, too. Laoag International Airlines has or used to have operations there. There are some carriers that fly directly from Taiwan. The province has long talked about upgrading its airport to increase tourism, but so far it's just that.

Land transportation (Bus)

Take a long-distance bus and ride 8 hours to the Northern part of Luzon, known as Ilocos Norte. Ilocos is home of historic Vigan that offers the oldest stone-built houses in the country and Laoag City that holds the so-called "Malacañang of the North". But those are just sites you'll be passing through when you go to Pagudpud beach which is located 110 kilometers from Vigan.

The welcome scene: What does Pagudpud have in store for you? Dig this, the beach has crystal blue waters, white sand and Ilocos' native version of lechon kawali, bagnet (deep fried pork belly). Pagudpud beach is considered the Boracay of the North for its close resemblance to the beach island. The wonderful landscape will hold you in charm while you scan the town’s streams, falls, and mountain ranges.

Some bus companies will take you straight to Pagudpud from Manila. Be cautious because the trip is long and you'll be traveling about 350 miles, approximately the distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The bus (ordinary fare buses) often stops to unload passengers or pick up new ones. If you leave Manila at 7:30 p.m., expect to arrive in Pagudpud anywhere between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. getting a Deluxe, air-conditioned bus makes things a lot more manageable -- and a lot speedier because of fewer stops. A night trip isn't that bad; just fall asleep, and when you wake up, you're there.

If you must get down in Laoag, you can continue the trip to Pagudpud by taking a mini-bus, renting a car or hiring a private vehicle. Commuter buses depart from Laoag every half hour, sometimes more or less frequently, depending on how quickly they fill up. The fare is reasonable, and the trip takes about an hour.

If using this route, just take a tricycle to the Pagudpud bus station. TIP: The tricycle fare should be no more than 10 pesos, although it doesn't hurt to double it as a bonus -- say no if they ask for something extreme, unless you don't mind spreading your wealth to complete strangers.

Here's a list of some of the bus companies that originate from Manila.

The benefit of taking a bus, particularly during the day, is that it allows you a more thorough sight of the country, even if from the national highway. Another plus is that a bus ticket from Manila is affordable, from $7 US (ordinary fare) to $10 (deluxe), depending on the exchange rate and the class of service.

Rent a car. Check with the major rental companies for rates. Driving in Manila will make you crazy. There's tons of traffic. Worse, lanes and traffic laws are seemingly optional. If you're prone to road temper, leave the driving to others.

Taxis are reasonably priced, though taxi drivers will try to snooker - heck, cheat and lie. Keep your eye on the meter; make sure it's working and is ticking correctly. Fares to and from the airport is more expensive.

Hire a driver. Some taxi drivers will offer to take you around. You can strike a deal for hourly or full-day service. Taxi service to outlying areas is pricier than bus service, but has its conveniences. Taxi drivers will sometimes offer their services to take you anywhere - I mean anywhere -- for a flat hourly or daily fee, though you pay for fuel, meals and any other minor expense. Driving allows you to go anywhere a car can go. You can stop anywhere, anytime, to get a closer look.

Whatever you choose, you'll find Pagudpud a wonderful place to escape. Once in Pagudpud, a tricycle -- it's not what you're thinking; it's an enclosed sidecar hitched to a motorcycle -- can take you to your destination. You can also arrange with the driver for transportation during the length of your visit.

From Manila, bus travel usually takes eight to nine hours, sometimes longer. If you've got time, the bus is a good deal. It's always a good idea to make sure the bus is air-conditioned. You'll be glad, especially during days of harsh heat. A deluxe bus, with reclining seats, is the best bet.

Verify with each bus company for schedules, fares and accurate destinations. Some of the companies listed below travel only as far as Laoag, the provincial capital of Ilocos Norte. From there, hop on a mini-bus to Pagudpud. Not sure where to get off, where to go? The bus conductor will be glad to help. Or just ask the person sitting next to you.

Auto Bus

Dimasalang cor. Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila

Fariñas Transit

Laong-Laan St., cor. M. dela Fuente, Sampaloc, Manila

Maria De Leon Transit

Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila

Partas Transit

Aurora Blvd., cor. Bernardo St., Cubao, QC

Philippine Rabbit

Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila

RCJ Transit

1558 España, Sampaloc Manila

Viron Transit

1209 Dapitan cor. Blumentritt St., Sampaloc, Manila


These days that Pagudpud is becoming the surfing capital of the Philippines, you might as well learn surfing during your stay there and go skinny dipping, boating and swimming all day. Aside from these got-to-dos that need water, you can pamper yourself in taking pictures of some of Mother Nature's beauty while mountaineering to Kaibigan Falls and walking along the historic streets and landmarks of Vigan, Batac, and Laoag. One big warning that the folks in Ilocos will give you is not to swim too far from the shore because the waters there have a very strong undercurrent that can pull you far off the shore. And since you won't be in the region more than once a year unless you're an Ilocano, visit the Marcos' Mansion and the Marcos Museum to get a taste of their lifestyle during their time in power.

Peso Power: The place is worth the trip and money to be shelled out as most visitors would say. Expect some big cash shelling for nothing of such superb beauty can come cheap, though local shopping costs less they do back home.

In the Northern part of the Philippines is a beach reputed to have the longest contiguous white sand with mighty waves and strong winds that can compare to Hawaii. Wind and wave surfing are the outstanding activities that Pagudpud beach offers its very discriminating customers. Not to mention the inviting views, clear blue waters, and white sand. Pagudpud promises its visitors a magnificent experience in a secluded paradise."(

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Embarcadero - Legazpi City

The Embarcadero, one of the most anticipated developments in the city of Legazpi, “soft” opened last July 18, 2009 with two locators opening its doors to the public. The Embarcadero is a major waterfront development located at the harbor area of Legazpi City adjacent to the alluring Kapuntukan Hill.

The Embarcadero will offer a mix of retail, restaurants, markets, and shops. There will also be a civic space and an imposing 30-meter tall lighthouse that could become one of the iconic symbols of Legazpi. Aside from the 12,000 square meter commercial area, there will also be a future 14,500 square meter waterfront hotel, spa and convention center and a 15,477 square meter Information Technology (IT) Park, envisioned to provide thousands of BPO jobs for Bicolanos.

Embarcadero will be a waterfront promenade, with theatrical lighting and performance spaces creating a lively, family friendly environment during the day and at night. Visitors to Embarcadero will enjoy a stunning view of the mighty Mayon Volcano and the cityscape to the
north and the Albay Gulf to the east.

This new development is a welcome addition to the city’s growing list of shopping and entertainment destinations including LCC Mall, Landco Pacific Mall, A. Bichara Silverscreens, and the soon to open LKY Lifestyle Hub adjacent to the new integrated terminal. The opening of the IT park is also highly-anticipated, especially by Bicolanos looking for jobs.

For Embarcadero’s soft opening, two restaurant tenants namely Kitaro and Tapa King started operations. The SLTCFI BPO Incubation Center also opened its new office. Meanwhile, the newest branch of Bigg’s Diner, Bicol’s homegrown chain of restaurants will open on July 24. Other confirmed tenants are Gerry’s Grill, Padi’s Point, Mang Inasal, Harbour Wok, La Mia Tazza Cafe, Pancit Malabon Express, F2M, Giordano, Cinderella, Adidas, Lots’a Pizza, Casa Nostra Bar and Restaurant, Plains and Prints, Pacific Dive, Chill Bar, Mercury Drug, Bowling Lanes, Dampa-style restaurants and more. (article from Wow Legaspi!)

The Embarcadero is regarded as the jump-off point to Bicol’s 8-wonders of eco-tourism – the Whale Shark of Donsol, Sorsogon – world’s largest fish, Manta Ray, the world’s fifth largest fish can be seen at Ticao Pass, Mayon Volcano – world’s most perfect cone volcano, Misibis Resorts, Estates & Spa – the first Tourism Estate Zone in South Luzon with triple Class A classification by the department of Tourism, Boiling Lake – the natural steam of Nag-Asu Lake in Manito, Albay which is like a natural Jacuzzi, Sula Channel – the country’s longest salty river known for its calmness, Pototan Cave – famous for underground river cave and the Vera Falls – one of the tallest falls in Bicol known for its pristine waters and lavish rainforest in the area.

A prime commercial, recreational, tourism and IT center, it will feature a landmark 30-meter lighthouse, civic space, souvenir shops, first class restaurants, “Dampa” restaurants, coffee shops, hotel, convention center, leisure and amusement park and about 800 seats call center. All these entwined with a fastcraft ferry transport and semi-submersible vessel, the Embarcadero is truly the jumpstart to a Bicol Experience!

Embarcadero - Commercial, IT hub to rise in Legazpi port area

By Jaymee T. Gamil, Inquirer Southern Luzon


LEGAZPI CITY — It is easy to imagine how picturesque it would be to have a lifestyle center along a baywalk—easier still to imagine its potential as a commercial hub and tourist attraction. But how easy is it to imagine one such place in a typhoon-stricken province? For Misibis Land Inc., it doesn’t pose a problem at all as it braved the challenge and set off to pioneer another world-class destination in Bicol.
This city’s Port District locals have little idea that by this time next year, the five-month-old construction site currently spanning 2,000 square meters along the city pier, will be transformed into a waterfront commercial, recreational and information technology complex.

To be unveiled as the Embarcadero at 2010, it will provide a comprehensive array of services catering to a broad market, regardless of economic status and lifestyle, while preserving an upscale atmosphere through the architectural design envisioned by a foreign consultant. The building plan is now being carried out by Sunwest Construction & Development Corp.

The Embarcadero will stretch across 2.5 hectares, composed of nine expansive structures facing a panoramic view of Albay Gulf and the world-renowned Mayon Volcano. A four-level mall will be built which will house specialty shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, a supermarket, gaming and Internet hubs, and even an 800-seat call center which will be in operation round the clock. Six other buildings, with one to two floors each, will be lined with walk-in retail stores and bistros. “MLI specifically aims to bring in establishments currently without branches in Legazpi City or nearby areas,” said Salvador Ludovice, corporate communications specialist of Sunwest Group of Companies.

A spacious open-air activity plaza will be the centerpiece of Embarcadero, which will provide a venue for conventions, expos, trade fairs, concerts and other large events, while still giving way to food stalls, kiosks and rest benches around the periphery. Patrons can also opt to simply enjoy the sea breeze: strolling, biking, rollerblading, or just taking photos of the coastal view along the baywalk and wooden boardwalks fringing the premises.

A 30-meter lighthouse will also be constructed to punctuate the international impression envisioned by the MLI.
Once site development is finished, water sports will also figure in the plan, with MLI looking into providing diving, sailing and snorkeling services. With abundant beaches, rich coral formations and even sunken galleons in and around the Legazpi City coast, Embarcadero will prove rewarding for aquatic enthusiasts. Embarcadero will also serve as the “jump-off point” to other tourist destinations in the province. The MLI plans to offer cruise boat rides, island hopping, and tours to attractions such as the Mayon Volcano, the historic Cagsawa Ruins, and the Lignon Hill and cave—all but a 20- to 30-minute ride away from the Legazpi City Port District. It will also serve as a means to reach MLI’s first brainchild in the Bicol Region, the Misibis Resorts, Estates & Spa, a near-completed high-end resort and residential area on the remote Cagraray Island off Albay. Vitaliano Ubaldo Jr., project manager for both MLI projects, said the initial investment for the Embarcadero cost around P450 million to P500 million for the current construction of Phase 1, or the first three buildings, alone.

With the influx of tourism and economic benefits it will generate, the Embarcadero is also looking to be the “jump-off point” for the progress of the immediate community. It is foreseen to create a thriving business climate and a steady source of income for the local government, while opening thousands of livelihood opportunities for nearby residents. The 800-seat call center that will operate on eight-hour shifts can bring in 2,400 jobs, while the shops and bistros can open around 3,400 jobs, equivalent to about P400 million to P450 million job wage per year.


Although dynamic in concept, the waterfront structure will still prove solid and safe from typhoons, earthquakes and floods, project engineer Jerry Beja said. “The Embarcadero will have typhoon-resistant buildings. It stands on a rock base, and will be elevated 80 meters from the natural ground line,” he said. The baywalk will also act as an inclined but elevated seawall. According to Beja, 500 meters more of the shoreline needs to be reclaimed for Phase III of the construction.

Ubaldo said the project is 23-percent completed, adding that by March 2010, seven of the nine buildings of Embarcadero would have been completed. The soft launch of Embarcadero is set to be held simultaneously with the opening of its sister project, the Misibis Resorts, Estates & Spa, during the third quarter of next year, Ludovice said. The 20-hectare prime leisure destination and residential complex in nearby Cagraray Island offers white sand beaches, pristine and peaceful surroundings and a breathtaking view of the Sula Channel.

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El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa - Lingayen, Pangasinan

One of the fast-growing beach resort, El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa has been serving the top companies, highly selective tourists and fun-loving families since 2005. Situated within the prime ridge of Lingayen Gulf Coast in Pangasinan, El Puerto Marina Beach Resort provides breathtaking scenic view as it is a short distance away from Pangasinan’s most famous spots like the Hundred Island and Our Lady of Manaoag. Delight your taste buds with the resort’s exquisite dining facilities. The 250-seater pavilion offers a unique dining experience from Filipino to International Cuisine like that of a Thai, Chinese and American coupled with a sumptuous a la carte menu and tempting arrays of specialties.

In the resort, it offers standard,deluxe and superior accomodations with fully-air-conditioned rooms, indinvidual bathrooms, television, hot and cold shower and uninterupted power supply for a truly enjoyable get-away. Treat yourself and revive your mind and body with a soothing massage by the cabanas. A sanctuary from the outside world, El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & SPA is a place to relax and refresh all your senses.

The resort can also boast of Bar with Dream satellite TV,Gym,Jacuzzi and swimming pool,5 Cogon Huts with rooms, big garden setting for romantic wedding venue, fishing alley, koi pond with 2 big Arapaimas, picnic huts at the beach, recreation outlets such as All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), bicycle rentals, air rifle range, volleyball at the beach, billiard & pool tables, karaoke, darts, board games and ping pong for a truly enjoyable get-away. Other resorts amenities will be available soon such as additional function rooms for business meetings and seminars,sports bar and water sports activities like Pedal Boats,Kayak And Banana Boat.

Seemingly designed for vacationers on the look out for a pleasurable and laid-back retreat, the El Puerto Marina Resort and Spa in Pangasinan, Philippines is one tropical paradise not to be mistaken for as your quick break.

With nothing but the sun, the sand, the beach, and verdant surroundings, El Puerto warmly welcomes everybody – whether you are an adventurous tourist, an old-fashioned romantic, or the wise decision-maker – as it offers an array of possibilities equally entertaining and functional.

Cue from Nature

Mimicking the refreshing character that the resort exudes, the rooms and cottages echo a cozy, rustic feel with Asian-inspired furniture, artworks and fabrics. The beds are swathed with crisp linen sheets and the floors are tiled.

More than Just the Beach

Although the resort invites you to enjoy the sun and sea in peace, its other facilities are perfectly adequate to make your stay more engaging and memorable. These include a spa, an outdoor pool, and a host of sporting and recreational activities.

Resort Rooms

There is a touch of Filipino artistry in every room and cottage of El Puerto Marina Resort. Some rooms also have a view of the wide and long stretch of the beach.

The rooms are classified into Superior, Superior Beach View, One-Bedroom Suite, Deluxe and Bungalow. They all have air-conditioning, television, coffee/tea maker and telephone. The private toilet and bath features a hot and cold shower. Each guest is also provided with a towel and set of toiletries.

Resort Location Area Information

El Puerto Marina Resort is close (about 3-5 minutes away by car) to the town plaza of Lingayen where supermarkets, drugstores, wet markets and clothing and footwear shops are located. Also located at the town plaza are the church, community hospital, bus terminal and municipal hall. The resort is approximately three kilometers away from the Narciso Ramos Sports Complex, historical Provincial Capitol, War Memorial, and Urduja Palace.

Lingayen is the capital of Pangasinan province in the Philippines.
Location Information

Visit other worthwhile places proximate to the resort:

* Hundred Islands - 30 km
* Manaoag Church - 22 km
* Baguio City - 60 km

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa
Don Martin Domingo St., Pangapisan North
Lingayen, Pangasinan

Contact Information

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa
Don Martin Domingo St., Pangapisan North
Lingayen, Pangasinan

Phone Number: +6375 5425328
Fax Number: +6375 5422285


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A 20-hectare prime commercial and residential estates nestled in the Pacific that boast of a wide stretch of pristine white sand and a scenic route along the Sula Channel. Whether you are looking for a summer home, a new residence or a retirement home, Misibis Resorts, Estates and Spa residential lots is proud to offer prime location and sure investment. With over 279 generous residential lots over looking the panoramic Pacific Ocean and close to 200 spacious Amalfi Condotel units with the best amenities ever, not to mention that the prime ones are lofted. Real estates ownership in Misibis Resorts, Estates and Spa offers the superb relaxed lifestyle combining the luxurious Mediterranean atmosphere and the carefree characteristic of the Asian Sun. What more is there to luxury living than having the pristine beach front literally right at your doorsteps.

Misibis offers an ocean of good life surrounded by a board walk of world-class amenities that will truly define living a life of magnificence. The dream of owning a piece of paradise is that much closer only at Misibis Resorts, Estates and Spa, your resort estates in Albay!
Sweeping ocean and mountain views set the mood for Albay's premiere resort community. Its Spanish Mediterranean coastal architecture complements the surrounding white beaches. Thick green foliage, assorted trees, and broad palmettos give a romantic atmosphere to the sprawling grounds, while graceful porches, balconies and garden terraces merge the outdoors with this deluxe development.

Planned and design in accordance with the highest quality of international real estate, the Discovery Bay Misibis is a highly exclusive resort and residential project intended to become a second home and sanctuary. Its world-class amenities and facilities will provide the most modern conveniences integrated with the resort's natural environment.
Discovery Bay Misibis adheres to the strictest environmental standards. It upholds the protection and promotion of Albay’s lush tropical flora and fauna. As a low-density project, the estate is carefully planned to provide an ergonomically design space that will host a variety of activities and diversions.

Your Luxury Island Playground

Escape to Misibis Bay and surround yourself with the wonders of nature. Our resort is nestled in a lush tropical landscape, with mountainous jungles, perfectly shaped volcanoes, pristine beaches, and other awe-inspiring natural wonders on the Pacific Ocean. Come and experience the ultimate marriage of adventure and luxury. Misibis Bay Raintree is located on Cagraray Island in Albay Province, Bicol. From Legazpi City it's a 30-minute trip by luxury fast water craft or an hour's drive along the scenic coastline.

Strategically located in Cagraray Island in Albay, Raintree Misibis Bay in just a 30-minute luxury fast-craft ride from the City of Legazpi or an hour's drives along the scenic countryside. The sceneries offers a respite from a stressful environment because of the lush, rural sceneries and the prestine beach with golden sands. The emphasis is surrounding one with an upclose view of nature's wonders so as to distance oneself from the crowd.

Features and Amenities

Members and guest of Discovery Bay Misibis have their disposal exclusive amenities designed with their comfort, enjoyment, security and well-being in mind.

The Main Clubhouse, equipped with state-of-the art kitchen and catering facilities and submitting ambience, features the best of Filipino and International food and refreshments. It also features business center and function room for those who prefer to mix business with pleasure.

Overnight accommodations are placed in the world-class resort Villas.

The Indoor Activity center will cater to indoor sports aficionados from billiards, darts, board game, table tennis, fitness gym and many others.

The resort also offers a themed swimming pool. It features an infinity pool, play pool areas, main pool, kiddie pool, decks and a poolside bar.

For those who prefer to moments of stillness and prayer, the Chapel within the premises is an ideal sanctuary where one can commune with God among nature.

Also on hand is a close encounter with nature via a 100-hectare eco-trail. It highlights a tropical rainforest flourishing with species of natural flora and fauna, as well as wild animals endemic to the Albay province and other parts of the Philippines.

Activities and Recreation

In Misibis, one does not only go stroll in its fine white sand, or feel the warmth of the scorching sun, or merely take a dip in the pristine waters of the Albay gulf. The natural landscapes and adjacent island of Misibis allows one to dream, relax, explore, and discover through the many activities and recreation option available.

Water Sports

On the borders of Discovery Bay Misibis Resorts are the Sula Channel and Pacific Ocean to provide an array of opportunities for water recreation. Beach bums can choose among many sports such as parasailing, sea kayaking, wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing. Those seeking a bit of adventure may partake in catamaran and yacht excursions.

Mountain Tours

The lush, tropical terrain of surrounding mountains can be explored through organized hiking tours. Trek through rural villages and imbibe the spectacular scenery on the way.

World Class Paradise

Upon some 400 hectares of prime estate, nestled along the stretch of pristine white sand, lies the remarkable structure of Discovery Bay Misibis. This island estate transforms its quaint location in the province of Albay into a premier residential resort development.

World-class amenities marry luxurious facilities with surrounding biodiversity. As it cradles the south coast of the Pacific Ocean, the island is also home to a variety of tropical flora and fauna. Discovery Bay Misibis is built upon this natural attraction, from the architecture and design of the place, to the picturesque views of the ocean and mountains, to its proximity to the natural wonders of the Bohol Region.

Misibis Bay Raintree

Cagraray Island, Albay Province

Bicol Region, Philippines [See MAP]

Phone: (63 2) 719.8888 Ext. 6844/6845

Fax:(63 2) 638.9895

Manila Sales & Reservations 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines

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Philippine Military Academy is one of the premiere military school in Asia. Built to create quality officer in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, its mission is to instruct, train and develop the cadets, so that each graduate shall possess the character, the broad and basic military skills and education essential to successful pursuit of progressive military career as a values-oriented leader in selfless service to the AFP and the nation. Its vision is to be the country's premiere leadership school, producing military professionals of character, dedicated to protect and help build the nation. Through the years, many changes and innovations had already made to continue its quality service to the cadets and maintain its grandeur in Baguio City.

Let us first look at its brief history. The Academy traces its humble beginnings to the makeshift officers' school of Philippine Constabulary in Manila which opened on February 17, 1905 at the old Sta. Lucia Barracks in Intramuros. But then the authority that established this school transferred it to Baguio three years later. There it was then developed to what it is right now.

The PMA is one of the most visited place and one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Baguio City. It is contructed at the top of a plateau, with its main checkpoint a mile ahead from the main building proper. It has many distinct, small structures that visitors flock on. I will show you the most popular spots within the portals of the academy.

PMA CHECKPOINT - This is the main entrance of the academy. Guard detained at the gate strictly checked all vehicles entering the realms of the this place. Being a military school, it should also be guarded from the possible plot of the state's enemies and antagonist. During corps roadruns, the checkpoint serves as a turning point for the runner to complete a 5km run from the athletic complex. Its sturdiness and firmness symbolizes the Academy's firm attitude and valor.

AMPHITHEATHER - this place is like a small Colosseum at left side of the Grand Stand, if your facing the parade ground. Inspired by Roman's Colosseum for gladiators, it is built for celebrating symbolic occasions of the alumni of the academy, most especially wedding ceremony. It was also the place where cadets conducts their annual class and company pictures for keepsake of their camaraderie and stay in the academy. But this is also a nice place to visit for people who like to take pictures.

BORROMEO FIELD - this is the parading ground in the Academy. It is one of the most holy place because many cavaliers and alumni already kissed and poured their sweats to the ground. It is where all it had started, their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations. From the Reception Day, Incorporation Day, Pre-recognition rites and Recognition rites, Turn-over ceremony and Graduation Day, these very significant occasions were celebrated to this hollowed ground. As a matter of fact, a cadet cannot pass through this ground directly. He must go around the field, except during special occasions and in sport events. At present,it is usually used for playing sports like soccer, athletics, and golf, and as a parade ground for giving respect and honor to alumni visitors every weekend. It is so cool to watch the cadets marching in cadence in the Borromeo Field!

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LEGAZPI CITY, ALBAY – One of the most beautiful wonders of the world is the so-called “perfect cone volcano”, which is the Mayon Volcano. It is an active volcano in Southeastern Luzon, Philippines, dominating the city of Legaspi. Called the World’s most perfect cone, it has a base 80 miles (130 km) in circumference and rises to 7,943 feet (2,421 m) from the shores of Albay Gulf. Popular with climbers and campers, it is the centre of Mayon Volcano National Park (21 square miles [55 square km]). This is one of the Paradise Philippines treasures.

Mayon Volcano is the main landmark of Albay Province, Philippines. It is 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the Gulf of Albay, in the municipalities of Legaspi City, Daraga, Camalig,Guinobatan, Ligao City, Tabaco City, Malilipot, and Santo Domingo (clockwise from Legazpi). It rises 2462 m (8,077 ft) above the gulf.

Mayon Volcano is the Philippines' most active volcano and is considered to be the world's most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone. It is a basaltic-andesetic volcano. The upper slopes of the volcano are steep averaging 35-40 degrees and are capped by a small summit cr
ater. Its sides are layers of lava and other volcanic material.

Flora and Fauna:

My picture taken at the foot of Mayon Volacano. I was then tasked to monitor the area for possible entry of tourists and hikers in the permanent danger zone along Legazpi City area.

The area is forested from 450 masl to 1,000 masl mostly tree forms and other associated tree ferns. Mossy forest from 800 masl to 1,200 masl. One hundred fifty six (156) species of plants belonging to 36 families are known to occur which includes one (1) dipterocarp species Hopea philippinensis. CITES listed Nepenthes rajali and Cyatheae spp. grows here. Fifty seven (57) species of birds like Otus megalotis (Philippine scops owl), Gallus gallus (Red jungle fowl), Ptilinopus merrily (Merrill�s fruit dove), Loriculus philippinensis (Phil. Hanging Parakeet), Bubophilippinensis (Phil. horned owl), and more than 34 herpetofaunal species and 13 mammalian species have been recorded.

Activities: Mountain climbing/Hiking, camping, bird watching, photography

Amenities: Shade houses, benchesm comfort room, administration building,

ecotrails, and water facilities

The 2009 Mayon Eruption

I would like to share my story about this mayon volcano. Last year, I was asked to transfer to another company to supplement the lack of officer in Charlie Company. “In the meantime”, said to me by my battalion commander, “go to Charlie Company and stay there until Lt. Morales had finished his schooling at Artillery Bde. The Commanding will needing more officers to supervise the troops, especially today that Mayon Volcano is giving signs of eruption in Albay...” So, as an obedient subordinate and responsible officer, I immediately packed my things a board the ship going to Tabaco City. The rough trip in Maqueda Channel always gives me butterflies in my stomach, so I usually take some sleep in the ride. Arriving at Tabaco Port, I asked my commander in C Coy to get me and a little awhile I was at the command post in Cumon, Malinao, Albay. The place is very lonely, with only the soldiers you could humor with. But it took me only few days to adjust in their way of life.

It was December and as always, all soldiers are expecting for the Christmas break. The personnel sergeant then made the list of breakers and he divided the troops into three groups. (The unit must maintain two-thirds of the total strength for security reasons). We were only two officers present and obviously, we must divide ourselves in order to maintain officer’s presence in the unit. He was to go on the first break and I were to go on the second break. All had divided properly, and their individual’s shares of happiness this Christmas was gotten. It was now the first break.

In the 2nd week of December, the duration also of the first break, Mayon Volcano is showing signs of possible eruption. In line of national strategy to safeguard the people from possible dangers of eruption, the government responded by relocating the inhabitants in the danger zone to safe zone, and my team was tasked to do this, with the help of other units and government offices. I was also tasked to supervise the conducts of checkpoints in the barangays of the possible pathways of lava flow and in the danger zone of Legazpi City, namely: Buyoan, Matanag, Bogna and Mabinit. There comes my tedious experience.

Relocating the people to safe areas is not that simple. First you must let them realize that they are in danger. We must use the persuasive, humane style to encourage the people to leave their places. Imagine how many stubborn people I had talk to just to let them leave their homes. But the harder part is not the "peptalk" part but preventing them to return to their homes. Their poultry and livestocks are at their own places. Even in its strictest form, locals will return to their homes just to feed their poultry. They will always look for a way to enter the zone and visit their homes. And when you caught sight of them again you will again do the basic routine of persuading. It’s really a pain in the ass! Other duties were to control media coverage and information gathering in the area. As much as possible, the information gathered by the media men should not exaggerate the situation; you know how news team works: the worst, the better. I would also need to be on-alert status always, preventing me to check my
life: my health, my happiness, my habits and vices, my sleeping period. But then there’ll be time that we need to sacrifice for the greater good and benefit of the many. This had been my everyday life there in Legazpi until my break had begun.

It not that I always thought it was too difficult to manage such international issue like this one. It had given me some advantages too. I was seen on TV, not only locally but internationally. Wow, am I so famous! It's nice to check my mistah and friends’ text messages crowded in my cellphone inbox, and sayin’ they’d seen me on air. I was able also to communicate with some international media men and they were able to share to me some inputs about the world they had already visited. It’s nice to hear from them the reality of the world we’re living in and get some foods for wit to think of. When I was at my best suit, many people stared at me with admiration because of my status as an officer, and that pleased me very well. Because this is a national emergency, all support was given to me by the national government, so mobility and other jobs are done fast and cool. Lastly, I had never felt this satisfaction in my heart brought by helping my countrymen and the people, and the whole nation as well.

Try to visit Legazpi City and see the grandeur of the finest volcano in the world, Mayon Volcano.

How to get there:

The distance from manila by air is approximately 205 statute miles taking a plane to Legazpi City. Flights are available everyday. It is also accessible by land transportation through the Quirino highway and approximately 553 kilometers or 523 miles away. Journey takes about 8 to 10 hours, aircon buses depart daily from Manila to Legazpi.

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